What is Avalanche Network?

Avalanche is a platform for making your own blockchain networks and decentralized applications (dApps). Made by Ava Labs, the Avalanche Network is one of many activities trying to share with Ethereum as the blockchain environment’s most generally used smart contract networks.

Avalanche aims to accomplish greater scalability than Ethereum via high throughputs on the transactions (4,500 transactions per second.) 

The token associated with Avalanche is the AVAX coin which has seen market caps over close to 1 billion. 

Grant size:
Varies on grant type
New York, US

The Avalanche Grant Program Guidelines

The Avalanche Foundation has launched two different types of grant programs.

Avalanche Multiverse

This grant offers up to USD 290M focused on speeding up the adoption and growth of its first ”subnet” functionality, which allows a richer ecosystem of scalable application-specific blockchains. The focus is to build your own blockchain, but not limited, DeFi, Not and other types of applications are welcome for applications.

To apply for the Avalanche Multiverse visit this website.


The Blizzard grant has over USD 200M dedicated for developers to accelerate innovative solutions across the Avalanche public blockchain and more.

For applications, please reach out to Blizzard@avalabs.org

Application Process

Metaverse application

  • Subset name
  • Team background (Github, Linkedin, or other info that demonstrates team background)
  • Affiliated Project (This question is required.

 *  Please identify the name of the current project you and the team are affiliated with for reference (i.e. Swimmer Network is affiliated with Crabada).

  • Description Overview of Subnet (Please describe the goal of the subnet, make sure to be as detailed as possible. Include links, videos, websites, and any other resources.)
  • Proposed Deployment of Incentives (Please describe the proposed deployment of incentives for your subnet and the method for deployment.)
  • Growth Strategy (Please describe how you plan on bootstrapping user activity (i.e. airdrop, whitelist access, etc…) and the application/s that you plan on attracting to the subnet.)
  • Gas Token Structure (Please describe the proposed gas token structure, name of the token, and the token economics, make sure to be as detailed as possible. Please feel free to reference the subnet documentation and provide as much information as possible about your proposed sustainable gas structure.)
  • Technical Components Required (Please list the technical components required for your subnet (i.e. bridge, explorer, oracle infrastructure, etc…).
  • Validator Set (We recommend a minimum of 5 – 7 validators to participate in your subnet. Please describe and clearly list who will be operating these validators.)
  • What virtual machine will you use and are you making any modifications? (Please explain what virtual machine you plan on using and if you made any modifications, please describe those changes.)
  • Roadmap and the timeline for deployment of the subnet. (Please indicate important milestones (non-technical + technical) for your subnet and the timeline for the deployment.)
  • Will the subnet allow anyone to deploy applications or do you plan on whitelisting contract deployments?
    • Whitelisted application/s can only be deployed
    • Any application/s can be deployed
    • We have not decided yet
  • What support, if any, do you need to help execute the deployment of the subnet, whether technical or non-technical?
  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Terms & Conditions