Celo Climate Collective

What is Celo Climate Collective?

The Climate Collective offers grants to projects that are building climate-related applications using sustainable web3 infrastructure. The goal is to unlock innovative and verifiable climate action at a large scale. The website lists several projects that have received grants, indicating a diverse range of initiatives aimed at addressing climate change.

Grant size: 
Varies on grant type
San Francisco, California

Celo Climate Collective​ Grant Program

One of the grantees, Plastiks, is an NFT Marketplace that allows users to offset waste through tokenized plastic recycling guarantees. Another grantee, Untangled Finance, is a decentralized credit protocol offering loans for regenerative projects and real-world assets. ReFi Spring is another project that activates new ReFi communities across the globe.

MRV Studio, another grantee, is a metadata platform for digital MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification) tools, such as remote sensing, drones, Internet of Things, DNA monitoring, and more. This platform is curated by the MRV Collective. Kolor is a project that enables land conservation in Patagonia through tokenized land titles.

The website also lists numerous other grantees, including Airs, Ardis, Closer, CRED Protocol, Wildchain, Athena Protocol, Atem, Awake, Avatree, CarbonPath, Carbon Title, GainForest, Cyberbox, Green World, GEAP, Kernel, Helios, MRV Collective, Kolor, ReFi Podcast, Plastiks, Sanergy, ReFi Spring, Sequestr, Senken, Simplex DNA, Silvi, Spirals, ValuesCo, Untangled Finance, Thallo, and Social. Each of these projects contributes to the collective’s mission in unique ways, demonstrating the broad scope of climate action initiatives supported by the Climate Collective.

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