What is Lisk?

Lisk is a platform for blockchain application development, special programs designed to run across a network of computers running shared software. 

The project’s goal is to allow developers to transfer skills more rapidly for the building of blockchain applications, as it allows them to write programs using the Javascript and Typescript languages, both widely used in general web development. 

Lisk enables developers to create custom blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies via the “sidechains,” unique blockchains operating within the Lisk network. These sidechains are bound to the Lisk blockchain and are customizable to suit the needs of Web3 developer. 

Grant size:
60,000 CHF (Paid in LSK)
Zug, Switzerland

The Lisk Grant Program Guidelines

The Lisk Grant Program offers Javascript developers grants up to 60,000 CHF for building Blockchain Applications with the Lisk SDK. The grant program comes in different waves where you are able to apply your idea and turn it into reality.

In total, after all of the four milestones are reached, each project will receive a grant of 60,000 CHF paid in LSK tokens. The payout for each milestone will only be done once all the required tasks have been concluded.

Application Requirements

1. Founding Team

Lisk expects at least 2 founding team members with at least one of you being a JavaScript developer. There is always the possibility to check for founding members in the Lisk Community.

2. Startup Spirit

The Lisk Grant Program is aiming for serious real-world blockchain applications. Lisk expects you to have the intention to raise further funds and to establish a legal entity at one point.

3. Pitch your Idea

As part of your application, you have to send Lisk a description of all team members, a business plan, and a pitch deck. After Lisk has evaluated your submission positively, they will get in touch with you for the next steps.

4. Stay up to Date

Your blockchain application should always be built with the latest Lisk SDK and all code should always be completely open source. If you have valid reasons to not open source certain parts of your code, please let Lisk know.


  • Stablecoins
  • Smart contracts
  • Blockchain bridges
  • Oracles
  • Privacy-preserving chains
  • Lending
  • DAOs
  • DeFi


1. Project Setup (1,000 CHF in LSK)

After you have submitted information like name, Github, Twitter, and verified your teams identity you will with an agreement with the Lisk for the Grant Program. A blog post will need to be published covering members of the team together with your website to receive the first part of the grant, 1,000 CHF (Paid in LSK.

2. Minimum Viable Product (4,000 CHF in LSK)

To reach the next stage you need to develop and MVP with the most essential features of your application with the latest version of the SDK. You will receive feedback at this stage from the Lisk team to make sure there is alignment. You will also need to publish a blog post to announce that this stage is reached. This stage grants 4,000 CHF (Paid in LSK)

3. Development (30,000 CHF in LSK)

Next stage is the development stage and where you need to propose 3 goals, for in between you will receive financial support, you need to publish a blog post covering the goals and how they are going to be completed. At this stage you will also receive a review from a Lisk high-level developer. After you will launch your blockchain application to testnet and cover the info in another publication. You will need to keep you application running on the the testnet for at least one month before receiving this part of the grant 30,000 CHF (Paid in LSK).

4. Launch (25,000 CHF in LSK)

Last part is the launch to mainnet for you blockchain application. You will register you blockchain application on the Lisk mainchain as a sidechain. Together with announcing a blog post of running on mainnet and keeping the sidechain running for at least one month will grant the last 25,000 CHF (Paid in LSK).