Nervos Grant Program

What is Nervos Network?

The Nervos Network is a flexible and interoperable blockchain platform that is secured by a proof-of-work consensus algorithm. It is built on RISC-V and is designed to offer exceptional security, decentralization, flexibility, and interoperability.

The platform’s core component, the Common Knowledge Base (CKB), supports all cryptographic primitives and can interoperate with all types of blockchains, sidechains, state channels, and Layer 2 networks. It also features protocol-level account abstraction, which enhances the user experience of decentralized applications.

Nervos employs a unique tokenomic model that aligns the interests of all participants and stakeholders, ensuring that miners are compensated for providing security while protecting token holders from inflation. The network’s modular architecture allows it to scale to millions of transactions per second through various Layer 2 networks without compromising security or decentralization.

In addition to these features, Nervos provides tools for developers to launch their own sidechains and build decentralized applications that can operate seamlessly across different blockchains. The platform also hosts a range of community and developer resources, including a forum, documentation, and a monthly newsletter.

Grant size: 
Varies on grant type
Zug, Switzerland

Nervos Grant Program

The Nervos Grants Program was created to empower innovation and development and support the growth of a diverse and thriving ecosystem. The program funds infrastructure development, tools, research, education, and other initiatives that enable the growth of the Nervos Ecosystem. The long-term vision for Nervos is to be fully decentralized in all aspects and community-led.

The grants program has supported several projects. Summa received a grant for Bitcoin-spv, a low-level toolkit for working with Bitcoin from CKB and other blockchains. Obsidian Labs was funded for CKB Studio, an IDE to develop CKB scripts on the Nervos blockchain. Lay2 received a grant for PW SDK, a simple and powerful SDK for building CKB dApps. Obsidian Systems was funded for developing a Ledger Hardware Wallet for CKB. SECBIT Labs received a grant for a Zero-knowledge proofs toolkit for CKB.

Synapse, a browser extension wallet that manages assets on Nervos CKB, was also funded. LeapDAO received a grant for a framework that easily allows the launch of a sidechain on the Nervos network. Insight was funded for support for the next-generation mining communication protocol Stratum V2 and the automation of mining pool software deployment. BlockABC was funded for One Chain CKB, an SDK designed to solve the Nervos CKB chain compatibility in wallet development based on ckb-sdk-js. Growfi received a grant for UDT Swap, a proof of concept automated exchange protocol using multiple liquidity pool economy on Nervos.

Application Process

The grant process involves submitting a proposal, which includes information about the proposed project, its purpose, a roadmap, an introduction of the project team, evidence of familiarity with the Nervos ecosystem, anticipated value added to the Nervos ecosystem, and measures to assure the longevity of the solution beyond the grant duration. All grant proposals and discussion threads can be found at Nervos Talk.