What is Chainlink?

Chainlink is a protocol which specializes in connecting smart contracts to off-chain data and services. The decentralization of oracle networks are meant to create tamper-proof inputs, outputs, and computations which support advanced smart contracts on any blockchain.

Chainlink grants boasts a collection of out-of-the-box solutions which are tamper-proof, contain a generous amount of automation, and also have the ability to connect to any API. In addition, they offer documentation and an active community for support.

Grant size: Varies on grant type
: 2017
Location: Cayman Islands
Token: LINK
Website: chain.link

Chainlink Grants

There are four core Chainlink Grant programs which can be chosen according to purpose or utility. 

  • The Community grant program rewards community developers who increase the amount of data available on-chain or enhance the Chainlink infrastructure in some way, such as strengthening security of the node network or connecting new systems.
  • The Integration grants program encourages international cooperation by offering “specific technological work and services from Chainlink”.
  • The Social Impact Program is a partnership fund which interacts with NGOs, non-profit organizations, and “socially conscious projects” to support faster development of hybrid smart contracts and provide for an “economically fair world”.
  • The Research program is a specific fund which focuses exclusively on academics and experts who “conduct and publish innovative research that enhances the security and performance of the Chainlink Network”.

Application Process

The actual application for grants takes place in a typeform which is accessed from the Chainlink Grants webpage. A range of information is asked for each type of grant application and all fields are required.

For Community grants:

  • Project name
  • Project Description (2000 character limit)
  • Team Information (2000 character limit)
  • Project Impact (2000 character limit)
  • Needs and Challenges (2000 character limit)
  • Previous work
  • Contact name and email
  • How did you learn about the Chainlink Grant Program? (text or selection)

For Integration grants:

  • Description of the team and the team member’s backgrounds with references to prior work. (2000 character limit)
  • What environment are you planning to integrate with? Provide an explanation for how you will maintain it for an extended period of time. (2000 character limit)
  • What monitoring systems will you provide to ensure that the integration and token bridge operate correctly? (2000 character limit)
  • Please provide examples of documentation you have created for past projects. (2000 character limit)
  • Please provide a contact name and email address.

For the Social Impact Program:

  • Project name or name of organization.
  • Project Description
  • Team Information
  • Project Impact (2000 character limit)
  • Needs and Challenges (2000 character limit)
  • Previous work
  • Contact name and email

For the Research program grant, a direct email must be sent to research@chainlinklabs.com.

Additional Details

Chainlink offers a broad catalog of resources such as documentation and community presence

Other grant programs


Binance is open to funding a wide variety of projects, from beginners to expert teams. There is a variety of documentation, tutorials, and tools available to begin developing. 


The Lisk Grant Program offers Javascript developers grants of up to 60,000 CHF for building Blockchain Applications with the Lisk SDK. In total, after all, four milestones are reached.


The Ecosystem Support Program, which is the direct provider of grants, is a branch of the Ethereum Foundation, which exists to facilitate and fund the development and expansion of the technology of and using Ethereum.