What is Solana?

The Solana Foundation prides itself on not only democratizing the internet via blockchain but also equalizing the global financial system. If accepted, members will receive milestone grants, VC intros, technical support, recruiting advisory, and marketing aid–the full package.

Solana is a non-profit organization in Switzerland. It is dedicated to providing decentralized and secure network solutions through Solana network. It has launched one of the fastest blockchain’s in the world with thousands of projects in the domain of Defi, NFT, and many more. In this fast-growing world of cryptocurrency, Solana has recently launched a main net beta. 

To accelerate the adoption of the new main net Solana is now offering grants to promising teams. These projects could range from protocol infrastructure to end-user applications.

Grant size: 
Varies on grant type
Zug, Switzerland

The Solana Grant Program Guidelines

Solana is an open-source and public blockchain. Solana is interested in projects that promote well-being in society and generate public goods for the community, participants can learn from each other and build in collaboration with others.

Anyone who has a potential and promising project idea can apply for the grants i.e., universities, teams, schools, organizations, government, individuals, etc.

The list of project domains provided above is an example of available domains at the moment. The company welcomes new ideas and projects which fall under the mission of the Solana foundation. 

Project Proposals

Solana is offering grants in domains that bring string vision to the Solana network. These projects can be categorized as:

  1. Censorship Resistance
  2. DAO Tooling
  3. Developer Tooling
  4. Education
  5. Payments / Solana Pay
  6. Financial Inclusion
  7. Climate Change
  8. Academic Research

Application Process

In order to apply for the grant:

1. Visit
2. Click on Apply now. Upon clicking a form will open.
3. Fill in the form according to your project and submit it.
4. In your application, you have to specify how can your project help the community or generates a public good for the Solana network. This has to be achieved by decentralization, open-source coding, and increasing the security of the Solana network.

It is best to include milestones on your application with the funding mentioned. Grants provided by Solana are usually milestone-based. The application which passes the initial review by the Solana team will be scheduled for an interview call.  The team may ask for additional questions and ideas. These steps will be performed within the timeframe of 2 weeks.

The applicant will be notified through email if their project is selected or not. 


Some criteria have been defined by the Solana Foundation on their official website.  The applications and projects are evaluated on the basis of this criteria. 

  1. Open Source: Projects should be built keeping in mind that they are open source and others can learn from it and use them. 
  2. Public Good: A clear connection should be seen between the generated product and the Solana community.  It should broaden the Solana foundation. 
  3. Ability to Execute: The team or individual involved should have the potential and skill to bring the proposed project to life. 
  4. Unique Contribution: It is possible that the Solana may ask you to work on projects similar to your project. So, you won’t be only working on one project in fact you may explore other opportunities as well.
  5. Clear Use of Funds: Applicants should clearly state how and where the funds will be used to accomplish their goals. It is best to thoughtfully plan the funds utilization.

Other grant programs


The grants allow developer entities to create applications and generate new ideas to ensure the success of the interoperable blockchain called cosmos. The grant is provided to the company that creates chains using Tendermint, Cosmos-SDK.


The Lisk Grant Program offers Javascript developers grants of up to 60,000 CHF for building Blockchain Applications with the Lisk SDK. In total, after all, four milestones are reached.


The Ecosystem Support Program, which is the direct provider of grants, is a branch of the Ethereum Foundation, which exists to facilitate and fund the development and expansion of the technology of and using Ethereum.